(x) Col Smith surfboard logo - Camellia, Frankfurter Highlight {Mike F, Marc O}

This is a design from a surfboard was made in the 70's. Does anyone know what the typeface are?


Apparatus - do you have any info on the surfboard. I am researching this name in surfing. Let me know if you are able to help. Thanks, Tony

Also Glowworm for more reflective sausageness.

Don't forget Quicksilver (available digitally, but with grunge, as Tight), originally named "Polished Sausage".

- Lex

'personal model' = Camellia. Squeezed a bit.

Spot on Mike, Thanks!

Rather close (for "COL SMITH"):

Frankfurter Highlight

Thanks marcox, it seems like a version of frankfurter but maybe custom. Anyone else know of different versions of Franfurter that existed in the past?

It appears in the Homage to the Alphabet as Lucifer No. 1. I've never seen a digital version.

Here's an image:

There it is... thanks Mike. Is Homage to the Alphabet available to buy?

It was put out by Phil's Photo - which is today Phil's Fonts. It's not the same as their font catalog and I think it's been out of print for years. Used copies always seem to be available, though.

There is also Chromium.