(x) Big Caslon Italic in Wallpaper*? - yes

I’ve just got a hold of the latest Wallpaper* (june 2003) and they seemed to have new typefaces (new look says the frontpage) in use, one of them is the (beautiful) Big Caslon (Matthew Carter for FontBureau). But they also use a dispaly-italic which seems to go very well with the Big Caslon. It has a lot of extraordinary ligatures. I didn’t find anything on the FB site regarding the


Oops, stupid me…

just found this piece of text inside:

Our typeface designers
Literally the font of all knowledge, typographer Paul Barnes has been indispensable in creating our June issue

FYI, Font Bureau has just today announced the release of Christian’s Amplitude.

— K.

What a delicious face… THX for the link, Kent!

Hopefully Big Caslon Italic will follow…