"a very happy birthday" upright informal handwritten script

Looking to buy this typeface. Can someone help id...or know of something similar...


Don't know that one, but have a look at these handwriting fonts. Some similar faces.

Since this is apparently from a greeting card, it's also very likely that this is a custom font, but you could look for it (or something similar) in the Hand-printing fonts (Part 11) of the Script Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

Is this a font?

I think those slight differences might be artifacts from the way this was scanned. To me they seem too consistent to be freehand lettering. Maybe that's just because I can't letter that consistently and be casual at the same time.

Do the letters seem any more identical on the original card?

- Mike Yanega

Yes the letters are identical on the card.
Thanks to everyone for the links...