computer magazine typeface for logotype AND bodycopy suggestion?

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there is a contest about redesigning the PC Chip magazine (, I want to know your suggestions regarding hardware, softwares, technology and internet.

It should communicate widely.
It should be modern ( and it should have that selling effect, BUY ME BUY ME).

I was thinking of FF Max as something very modern.


RECAP: logotype typeface
bodycopy typeface

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FF Max is a great pick for logo and body copy. As is Neo Sans, though that's Intel's corporate font and may cause some confusion between ads and editorial.

I also like:
Paralucent (logo or copy)
Pasadena (logo)
Solaris (logo)
FF Alega (logo)
FF Signa (logo or copy)
FF Daxline (logo or copy)
FF Olsen (copy)
Changeling (logo)
Dynasty (logo and short copy)
Gentry (logo)
September (logo and short copy)
Sys (logo and short copy)
Metropolitan (logo)
Metsys (logo)

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Stephen great as always. I like that you agree on Max.
Btw I was thinking of Frutiger and FF Meta for bodycopy ( Croatian languange needs Central European ligatures :) ).

golden ratio of passion.

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Both of those are excellent faces, but neither is really "now". Many of the faces I mentioned have CE shars.

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