the making of EKRINE

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this is a short story of my latest work.
i intend to develope the entire typeface, based on this script.

what do you think?

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Wow! I love this. Who says that all cap blackletter can't look good?

More pictures, please!

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Thanks for replacing the link with the jpg.
The site is inaccessible at RongWrongo Island?

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currently I work on this writing style
but in the next moment i will focus on this

and probably on this extra black

strange brew

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wow, very cool! What all tools are you using to create work like this?

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black ink, paper & cork :-)

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ahh i just noticed the cork nibs with ink! Very cool. Do you use cork often for designing or specifically because you are designing a wine label?

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it depends on what typeface you want to create . . .
for example - you can't create copperplate with cork nibs:-))) cork nib has far different characteristics from oblique nibs...

look here
another cork project:-)

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very cool! I love the gradient in the stroke and the cork lines. I wonder how hard it would be to duplicate a similar effect in illustrator...

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never tried on anythig digital:-))))
a few calligraphers around me use tablets and they influenced me to buy one - probably one of the wcaom cintiq family + 6D art pen in addition

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ahh i had a tablet... I need another. I just seldom used it to make it worth my while, but then again when i do need it there really is no replacement.

Do you have a website with your work?

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not a personal one....

only here

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very nice! Thanks for showing me that website also, it has a lot of great work on it.

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I specially like a lot of this work.. cuz I love so much the calligraphy.
Congratulations by your entire work, I like it a lot too..!!

regards... :)

Pedro (PeGGO)

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