Opinion on new logo for Italy?

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I concur. There's just too much going on in that logo, and most of it is not good.

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> The green shape is meant to convey "movement, flexibility and imagination"...

....and p---s.

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Hiddeous! That irish-green amoeba looks like the icon for the 18th hole on a community golf course.

That logo makes me feel incredibly talented. Thanks for showing us.

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So what else do you expect from a "contest winner"? The jury picks out one thing from each entry that they like and put it all together in one logo. :-(

OTOH, since it offends all designers, the great unwashed will probably think it's brilliant.


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I missed the part about why Italy needs a logo.


PS: Great T-shirt Elizabeth!

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Canada! has had a logo since the 1970s.

As for national logos I favor, I'm not sure if the image on the upper left hand corner of this page is Germany's official logo or not… but it is so cool that I hope it is…
(please don't roll over it, though, then the graphic turns to dog poo… how could they do that?).

The United States of America does not have a logo.

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total shit

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Canada! has had a logo since the 1970s.

And it's plastered on every &*%#@ federal you-name-it: every province has one as well, although some work better than others. The Alberta one (top right corner) has been around for a long time, and there was the relatively recent discussions here about the new "branding" for Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador....

The United States of America does not have a logo.

Every federal department has an official seal or logo, though....

(Y'mean it's not the golden arches?) ;-)

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with all the great designers in italy ...this is what was chosen ?
incredible. dreadful. barely even readable. is that a pickle or a cactus ?

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It's a mess. It's not even a logo – just some letters together forming a word. Badly.

BTW - Elizabeth, that's some pretty impressive... er, lettering you've got there.

Nick Cooke

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That "t" looks like a big booger.

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Love it when you tell it like it is Patty!


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I would never think of italy, never …
What does the italians here say about this AARGH?

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How did Ausitn Powers say it ...throw me a frickin bone...looks like the deisgner has something against Italy.

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How did Ausitn Powers say it ...throw me a frickin bone...looks like the deisgner has something against Italy.

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I have to admit that when I have been to Italy this is the kind of logos I see all the time.

Granted it usually for a Mall or a Car Dealership or a Museum Shop - or on a magazine that is about to go belly up to be replaced by another similar one not for a country. But this logo comes from a pre-existing long standing ( 15 years+ ) context. So What I am saying is - in a weird way it does fit. Maybe you do't like that aspect of the itallian reality but.... it's there.

What I see in it that nobody else seems to see is a willingness to be less serious that the UK & The US don't have. Is that bad or good? I have no idea. Is the logo itself wonderful? To me - No. But the key question to ask is - is this going to last more that a year & how serious is it as an issue anyway. I bet it last only a year & that it is therefore totally un-serious as an issue.

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A green pork chop? Too much tarragon I suppose.

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Thomas, nothing to declare except: why god? why? what have we done to deserve it?
So THIS is the reason our PM Romano Prodi quit last week, right? He unveiled the bloody thing after all, someone had to pay for that!

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Priceless Lore!


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Is that green cucumber meant to resemble the shape of italy, or something?
Did no one of the contest jury realise the country doesn't even have that shape,
at all?

If it's meant to be something else, then what the hell is it. lol

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I've never been ashamed of being Italian until now. :(

I'm sorry, but to me the green blob looks phallic. I don't know why I'm seeing it that way, but now I can't stop seeing it that way. :(

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Also, I was wondering if the completely flat top to the i is more of a feature of a didot than a bodoni. Most of the bodonis I've seen have a slight up-turn to the tops of their i's.

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Argentina also has a logo.

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I like it. It owes a great deal to the moving BBC 'ribbon' logo though. If I find an example I'll post it.

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That german logo is tough! man! i just had to check my doors were locked!

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The new branding for Manitoba sucks, to be blunt. But not as bad as the Italy logo.

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Oh, i don't know, it's fun. I'm guessing it won't age well but atm it's nice to look at and a little different,


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The new branding for Manitoba sucks, to be blunt.

At least the word "Manitoba" doesn't require deciphering, and they kept the buffalo: I've seen waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse.

(born and raised in Winterpeg, and proud of it)

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We do too have a logo.


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You won't forget it will you? Isn't that the whole point of a logo, really?

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"1. It was designed by Landor Italy."
Say no more. Landor's weakest suit has always been 'the visual', (they obviously talk good).
Three different typefaces and a graphic to form a single word show no apparent skill at weaving them together.
A moment of sadness for all Italics, and sacrifice of a virgin black and white goat to hurry on Mercury, god of redesign.


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It's not much worse that Slovenia's winning entry for a new tourism logo to replace the previous 'flowers' logo – the heart-shaped thing on the right.

I've always liked Rem Koolhaas' proposal for a new European flag.

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i t a l y
land of mutant pickles

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