Looking for light Clarendons

If anyone knows of any light clarendons (or similar) other than Clarendon Light,
I'd be grateful.
Thanks in advance,


Hi T,

my typeface Parry offers an alternative to Clarendon. It comes with a matching grotesque.


new release at www.ourtype.com : Parry and Parry Grotesque

Thanks, Artur.

Very nice indeed.

I'm also very excited about Parry. Welcome to Typophile, Artur.

Storm's Farao is a wonderful exaggeration of egyptian forms.


Hi Artur,

Can I just say your (company's) website is truly amazing! I am not a big fan of Flash these days, but you can tell a lot of thought went into the process.


Group94. They also did mine. It has a killer Flash-based Content Management System. It rawks. :^)

Hey guys, like you, yes, I think Group 94 is great and we love working with them!
But, besides the Flash-based Content Management these websites - OurType, and FontShop BNLx (yours, Yves ? :-)) - are the result of a collaboration between 2 teams: the clients and g94.
In the case of both websites, there were clear demands and expectations regarding site's functions, and a starting point regarding the graphics (certainly in the case of OurType).

Belizio Regular, maybe?

> FontShop BNLx (yours, Yves ? :-))

Well, smartypants, Rudy had it specially designed and built for little ol' me, and I'm the only one writing for it, often slaving away till 2-3 am (I have to wake up at 7 am to bring my kids to school and go to work). So Corina, please forgive me if I take the liberty of calling it "mine", even though that obviously is poetic license. I really don't think anyone believes I own FontShop. :^P

OK T Bones, sorry for this little diversion. Here's some more suggestions:

Dispatch and Freight Micro are very nice, somewhat more angular alternatives.

Monotype Ionic, when used big, has a similar appearance to Clarendon Light, but with slightly more stress (looks more handmade).

And I've always liked the generous width of Volta.