(x) Extra bold serif on German book cover - Times Modern {Tim A}

Anyone knows what this might be?



I just posted about Times Modern at Fonts In Use.

its not Times nor Life...hmm...in fact there are a ton of Times-looking fonts and I don't see this one... may be Yves or Stephen can help.

The closest match i could some up with Caslon Black



I’m not very good at identifying type. However, one should mention that the layout of the «Suhrkamp» series, done by legendary designer Willy Fleckhaus, is one of the most famous German book designs ever. Unfortunately, since a couple of years, they have changed and distorted the original look.

If you can read German, there are plenty of articles on Fleckhaus, «Germany’s first Art Director», and «Suhrkamp»—even a whole book on the designer:

Michael Koetzle, Carsten M. Wolff (Hrsg.)
Fleckhaus. Deutschlands erster Art Director
Verlag Klinkhardt & Biermann, 2000

And I am sure that someone will soon identify the font.

It *IS* a version of Times Bold. I don't know which one, but this publisher used Times Bold on all of its bok covers for decades.

According to this article (in German) it is Times Modern. They say recently it has been changed after 33 years, "the biggest thinkable mistake".

Also see this and this .

It can't be Times Modern done for the Times that one is copletly recent ... Maybe there are two Times variations with the name Times Modern... Might be just some custom Times drawn by Willy for the verlag... Caslon Black gets close with the fettnes though... thanks for that one...

In the article posted by Tim Ahrens it is mentioned that «the legendary ‹Times Modern Black› was created [«erfunden»] by Willy Fleckhaus and Rolf Staudt»—no idea in how far this is the truth …

Hmmm... yes it appears to be this one:
Times modern discussion
So obviously before the recent Times Modern there was a Times Modern Black but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere...

Danke Tim, the FAZ-link was amusing. Hehe, face the truth, grafic designers.