"Le sucre: ami ou ennemi?" Post hiphop lettering

Hello Typophiler,
who writes like this/who started lettering like this? Do any script faces exist which come closer to this than Bello? Any posthiphop-script-type-art-historian around?

Picture taken from: http://lesucre-clothing.com



Parra from Amsterdam !

He has done it for a couple of years (at least as far as I know)
and has done a lot of work for the Rockwell clothing company http://www.rockwellclothing.com/parra/

I adore Parra. He occupies a few of my iChat avatar slots.

kimou meyer - www.grotesk.to

i think its a bit different than what you are looking for in that its more influenced by handpainted signage/varsity stuff, but might have some interest to you.

Parra has to be on the list.
nice board.

I think the 'script' you are asking about is ITC American Typewriter Bold Italic.

- Mike Yanega