"Landings" italic modern serif

Hey, one more for you.
I am also curious what your guys technique is for identifying fonts so well?


some kind of slanted engravers d?


oh, and the technique is being FAR too interested in type :-)

There's no real technique -- it's all about recognising certain glyph shapes or an overall design.

ahh, memorization.

brett, that font you suggested is close but not it.

I'm not sure it's memorization as much as having a part of your brain that is able to make connections between certain letter styles and their designers or placement in the context of the font world. I have a terrible memory.

i agree with you stephen... the 'connections' thing is definitely a part of it...

and retoid, i agree it isn't it, but i think the sample you put up is a bad copy of it

With the "overall design" bit I meant that sometimes I recognize the specific style of a type designer or a foundry which makes finding the damn thing so much easier. That's extremely useful when you recognize a face but can't remember the name right away. This concurs with what Stephen said.

I'm sorry but now that we've told you the secret we'll have to come over and kill you. :^/