1970's "Christ Renews His Parish" w/ strange S

The font that I can't ID is the "His Parish" portion. The A and the S just don't look like they go together. Combined with a rounded serif and it has me thoroughly stumped.

Any thoughts?

Mr Miller


Looks hand-drawn.

Hand lettered by somebody wearing a blindfold for sure.

Nick Cooke

Or else someone used one of those font-mangling software plugins in CorelDraw to further destroy whatever minimal merit the original face may have had?


Come on guys, there has got to be a font that I could mangle that has the same A and S.

Challenging, no?

On second look, the two Hs are definately different making me wonder whether or not this is hand drawn. What is the dead give away for "hand drawn ness" ?

There are graphic tools that you can use to force type into an irregular boundary shape. I wouldn't be so quick to say hand-drawn, even though the letters are distorted differently.

Of course, this would have more credibility if I could name the font.

- Mike Yanega

I think I agree with your contention that the S is from a different font. It looks similar to the S from Citadel. The other letters are similar to Renault, with the top A serif removed. It seems the designer was looking for a flat-topped S to line up with his building outline.

I'm not saying these ARE the fonts used, but they might be close enough to re-create it, if that's what you want to do. Of course, finding a font that matched, like just using Citadel, would probably be a better look.

- Mike Yanega

Thank you Mike!

I wasn't having much luck with identifont.

And I couldn't nail down the S and the other letters in one face.

Thanks again!

Mr Miller

Nick wins Typophile Quote of the Month.

I'm so proud.

Nick Cooke