(x) Mark Jacobs sans caps - similar to Sackers Gothic/Engravers Gothic {Yves}

What is the typeface? thx


Engravers Gothic/ITC Blair/Sackers Gothic

Not ITC Blair. One down, two to check.

Sackers Heavy Gothic is closer, but not quite right.

Engravers Gothic is almost there, but looks too skinny.

Don't you think it looks faux bold? I'd say it is Engravers Gothic Faux Bold plus a little degradation en route.

Ooh, hadn't thought of that. Good thinking, Tiffalicious!

Search is your friend, Yves. :^P

Aw, don't say that to me! You're cruel, Tiff. :^P

Well, at least it proves that I found it all by myself, nah!

Only after you were reminded. ;^P