Alexandre (a blackletteresque roman)

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Here is the lowercase of an idea I had this morning.

application/pdflc pdf
alexandre.pdf (16.0 k)

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Go with it.

The "f" and "r" are too soft, the "g" too hard, the "x" needs more dance.


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Very cool. I agree with hhp, and would add the "s" to the list. It needs some more of that poetry of odds you are playing with.

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Added some italic.

application/pdfItalic pdf
alexandre2.pdf (16.8 k)

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Excellent work. I really enjoy seeing type design that moves into the blacklettering category while still retaining the
useablity / legibility of contemporary letterforms. I tried this a while back with one of my own design, which was never completed. I think I will now have to pick it up where it was left off. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Christian congrats for this great typeface I will waiting for to see the evolution of this work.

- The italic is fantastic ; ) very nice forms

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Very impressive. Does the o need to be more angular and narrower for harmony with the rest?

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Very nice!

This has a lot of potential.

Now the Capitals.

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The "k" is not black letter at all, as well as the "f" and the top serifs of the ascenders. I like the texture, only the "s" stands out too much in it.

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