(x) Slum Village - (similar to) URW Bauhaus 93, Pump {Mike F, Tanya}

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I need this face ASAP. Past deadline!


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hmm... I think its actually Pump demi bold. Well at least that s is. (that's kind'a embarrasing that I know that) using either you'll have to tweak the v and rotate the e.

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I agree with Mike F. Crappy design on the lower-case v, no?

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um ya, what in the world would posess someone to swap the v for another font. strange. v. strange.

samiam - you should tell your client you cannot locate font and must re-design logo.

I have a rule against clients who can't provide outlined, printable logos y'no...it calls for a new ID

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The font used is URW's Bauhaus 93. It comes bundled with several MS products.


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Actually, in addition to the 'e', the 'v' was one of the reasons I suggested Bauhaus 93 instead of Pump DB. That 'v' is surely also from Bauhaus 93, but the way it was used is indeed visually nasty.

Cheshire Dave, I visited your Website last night for the 1st time and watched the delightful Cooper Black Flash film. Wow! Thank you for putting that together. Going back for more shortly.


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