Help! Is there a font for mathematical equations and formulas?

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I need a mathematical font to write quantum equations, formulas, do you know anywhere I can get this type of font for free? Thanks

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Office 2007 comes with the Cambria Math font, and new math shaping engine.

Cheers, Si

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Besides Computer Modern, there are many free math fonts available for TeX. Many of these will also work with other programs. They can be obtained at CTAN. Of interest might be this survey of free math fonts that can be used in TeX.

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Thank you guys..

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TeX, pronounced "tech", is a computer language invented for typesetting mathematics. It's used for many other things as well.

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Linotype European Pi should do the trick

Ah but it's not free. I'll read more closely next time.

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Alessandro your students miss you, where are you now?
Neredesin? (thanks to all by the way)

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You really shouldn’t ask for FREE quality fonts on a forum which is frequented by fanatics who do fonting instead of eating … oh dear.
Requiring something serious? Go to

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If you are willing to spend a few dollars, Adobe sells Lucida Math fonts (three fonts) for $79. These are based on the characters in the free Computer Modern fonts in TeX, but look nicer (to me, anyway).

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