(x) Brush scripts c 1940s movie posters - various {gang}

i apologize if this has been asked before, but i searched and couldn't find anything.

i know that these were all hand lettered, but i am wondering if anyone can suggest a modern digital font that is similar to the brush lettering used in the titles on any of these posters.



Bello is quite good, I think, for "THE Maltese Falcon." Off the top of my head, I'd look through Sudtipos' stuff; they have a number of script typefaces that might have a similar character.

Holly Script
Futura Script
and Mark Simonson's upcoming Kinescope and Launderette which is based on the titles from Laura! Incidentally, the best way to recreate these is with a hand drawn script and Mark's your man.

thanks reed and stephen.
i would love to have mark letter this job, but i can guarantee that my client will not want be interested in paying for such gorgeous work. maybe one day.

"A story as EXPLOSIVE as his BLAZING automatics!", lol.

You could also look at the House Industries Sign Painter collection


or some of their other scripts such as League Night or Las Vegas Fabulous