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here's my first crack at a bitmap type family. fignuts is a slab serif face with 8 styles:

11 condensed light
21 light
22 regular
31 extended light
32 extended regular
33 extended bold
34 extended bold outline
35 extended bold shadow

the font includes full punctuation, ligatures, and oldstyle & lining figures. I'm also planning on including a full sans-serif version of the family as soon as the slab version is completely worked out.


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here's a sample comparing the slab version with the sans (fignuts vs fitsnug)


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Wow, brings back memories of old Macintosh bitmap fonts. I like.

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This is great! It has character, and it's especially nice to have all those hand-made variations.


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Y'no I'm looking for that kind'a font right now for some button titles on the nav of a site I'm pumping out. Wish there was something in between 21 and 22.

perhaps the regular and bold weights are a bit too close. Well the bold simply seems larger, not really heavier. wait a second, that's ext bold. there's no regular bold?

hmm well the ext regular isin't as bold I guess but too wide. Its so hard finding a bitmap face that is clear, not bold, nor 1 line of pixels. Surely harder to design one. nice font though

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This is nice. Kinda like Berthold's 'City', but with humor. Good to see the slab serif. And I agree with Cody I thought of the early mac days when it was cool to outline the fonts. :)

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Yeah, I like the overall flavor (the f, the
ligatures), but some of your diagonals are yucky
(V, W and K).

I'd also say, it's rather big, how about a 9 pt?

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here's a chart to show how the styles are laid out:


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I like the 22 and 35! Great work! I have some doubts about "s" but that letter is always a problem, I think. C,G,J need some work in my opinion. Go, go!

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think this typeface is great. but many characters seem totaly broken.
i can see what you tried to achieve in the uc k of 21, discarding the pixels near the central joint to make the leg and hand of the k seem alittle curvy but i think the letter looks distorted. same goes for the M & N in that set.

the shadow and 22 are great. and this is a nice family..

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The 'a' in Fignuts Condensed Light can be mistaken
for an 'o'. Maybe it needs an ear serif?


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What the hell is an ear serif, you friggin' mutant?!


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Hrant, I believe Stephen means a serif in the upper-right x-height region, like in the 'g'. Right, SColes?

-- K.

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Thank you Kent. I was too upset about the name-
calling to respond. Hehe.

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