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Hello everybody,
I have been put on a mission, my wife decided to get into graphic design school and she asks from time to time for help, right now she needs me to help her find a quote from one or each of the following, Robert Besley, Claude Garamond or Francesco Griffo.

If any body has any info on where I can find these or if somebody has any, I (she) will really appreciate it.
I thank you in advance.


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you might want to read this one ;-)


senor Garamond is quoted as saying - I was never comfortable with pushing the envelope like that. It almost makes me uncomfortable thinking about it all. Baskerville and Bodoni… they're wild.

hmm then again, you might not want to use this for a serious discussion on type... :-)

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Thank you,
She has an assignment that deals with music and types, therefore quotes come very handy.
Thanks again

Watch out what you ask for, you just might get it.

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