(x) Moshtix logo - Insignia, Avenir {Tiff, Lex}

Hi, can anyone ID this typography used in the Moshtix logo? I'm, particulary fond of the "m", with it's rounded shape. Does anyone know which other families have a similar "m" shape?

Thanks a lot!!


It looks like it might be Avenir, Gotham, or Proxima with a custom 'm'.

- Lex

does it? Check their website, http://www.moshtix.com/ wheres there's an interesting "l" as well. I should have posted the website before. I'm sorry.

feels like a flavor of Chalet

Looks like Insignia for the "mosh" and Avenir 45 for the "tix" to me.

Yes, it looks like that one. Thanks a lot for the quick replies!!!

Of course. I always forget Insignia has a non-alternate version.

- Lex