Linotype Didot

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Hello, I have just bought Linotype Didot and I was wondering if anyone had used it before and could give me their impression about how it works in terms of leading etc. I'd love to see examples of it in use too. I have not bought the ornaments yet because I have no idea how to use them!

THanks in advance for your help

PS. Anyone has the same problem as me with the font? The ligatures fl et fi are in the font but I cannot use them (all the letters seem wrongly labelled when I open it with Fontcreator - is that the reason?). In any case I don't think I should like to use them.

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I have used it as a Type 1 font. Unless it has been substantially redrawn since the late 1990s, it won't work at small sizes -- say less than 20-point -- for offset printing.

Rich Hendel (author of On Book Design) uses it some for display, and it works quite well. But leading in display type depends of both the size of the type & number of words involved, as well as other design factors.

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