"Brand" modular pixel techno face

Hey everyone, I am thinking that this typeface has been specially produced, but if you guys can tell me that I am wrong and let me know what typeface this is I would be eternally grateful and my nightmare would be over :-)


This would be easy to create using squares and quarter circles, but I wouldn't bet against it being a font, especially a free one. Check out the techno section at DaFont.

- Lex

Thanks Lex for your help. I'll have a search on Da Font and if nothing prevails I'll have a go at creating it, with what success I am unsure.

P.S. Make your images RGB so most people don't have to download them before viewing them.

- Lex

Cheers! I forgot.

I have searched high and low and still no joy. If anyone does know the name of this elusive typeface and you can let me know then that would be great....otherwise quite literally it's back to the drawing board. Thanks everyone.

Euredice is the closest I can get...

Thanks stephen, I have been searching forever and didn't come across this one.

Astronaut is better.

It certainly is! Astronaut squooshed and you're done, Elizabeth. :)