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Indices : Terminology/How-To : Characters

Discussion and Design information about specific characters. Terms in parentheses denote PostScript names, when they differ from common names. Actual samples of character in question are shown in brackets.

Aesc (AE, ae) [Æ, æ]
Ampersand [&]
aringacute [Ǻ, ǻ]
at [@]
cent [¢]
currency [¤]
dollar sign (dollar) [$]
eng [Ŋ, ŋ]
Eszett (germandbls) [ß]
Eth [Ð, ð]
ethel (OE, oe) [Œ, œ]
Fist [☞]
florin [ƒ]
Interrobang [‽]
kra (kgreenlandic) [ĸ]
l dot [Ŀ, ŀ]
l slash (lslash) [ł]
Rupiah (Rp, Indonesian currency)
yen [¥]