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This was originally intended for a logotype, but I decided to turn it into a pixel headline font.

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it's interesting in the outline version, there's a certain amount of simulated "tension" to the corners - anywhere where two pieces fit together (please excuse my lack of vocabulary) - there's slightly more white space - did you make an outline version w/o rounded corners? it would be interesting to see, just to see if it has the same sort of tense, jittery quality to it

the 3d treatment used at the bottom left works beautifully.

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I only did the one outline version, but I agree--I think it would be interesting. If I can ever find enough free time I might give a square version a go...

btw I really enjoy your work.

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I love the slashes.
think the 0's on the percentage sign would really have to be 0's and not dots.

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