60's/70's-style triline sans caps

Anybody recognize this?


Not to be found in Rookledge's. :^/

Very similar to Rudolf Koch's Prisma (about 1930). Follow the download link at the bottom.

Edit: Mike Yanega's Multiline Font Guide, which includes several undigitized Letraset typefaces, shows nothing closer than Prisma.

Thanks for the link, Mike. That's very useful.

I didn't realize that I was missing Prisma from that Guide. I have it in one of the Dover books by Dan Solo, and so I will add a scan of that one too. The posted sample is like Prisma, as Mike said, except that the Prisma in this book shows five lines, rather than three, in each stroke.

- Mike Yanega

It turned out there were four other typefaces, in addition to Prisma, in that book that I wanted to show. I have just completed updating the Multiline page of the Lined Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

You had a Prisma showing under the name Mirage, Mike - to which George Williams added a lowercase.

Yeah, I realized that, but the 'real' Prisma had no lower case, and besides that other sample was too hard to see.

- Mike Yanega