(x) chunky serif on Kara Walker Exhibit book cover - ITC Grouch {Michael Albright}

Can anyone identify this here face? It is currently being used for the Kara Walker Exhibit at the Walker in Minneapolis. The only picture I can find is this small gif of the book using it.


Hard to see but it reminds me of Freight Big.

Found a better image of the cover. Definitely ain't Freight!

thanks for that image! sorry mine was so hard to see.

Would that be the sadly unavailable ITC Grouch by Tom Carnase?


More information can be found here:


Yes, totally is, thank you, and of course it would have to be unavailable.

Caslon Graphique is a nice substitute.

I have a Bitstream-version called 'GrouchITCbyBT-Regular', so it HAS been digitized…

Yes, but for some reason Bitstream discontinued it. I have a license as well.