Sans to complement Warnock?

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I'm setting the body copy of a sunday supplement type magazine with Warnock pro, and would like a clean, fresh, understated sans serif to complement it. Ideally from the adobe opentype library??

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What about using Cronos Pro Opticals?

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Think I prefer Frutiger. Cronos feels a bit cheap?

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Cheap? Cronos? Perhaps you just like rigidity over fluidity?

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Perhaps... I'm not sure about the softer edge to it. My version is Cronos Pro - no opticals after it. Is is the same?

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Cronos Pro Opticals has got more types (Caption, Subhead, Display); other than that Cronos Pro is the same.

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Cronos Pro Opticals addresses Optical Sizing in the font design. If you notice, some of the details have been removed in the captions sizes.

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Can you suggest somew examples of this face in use? still can't quite see it, but it's growing on me

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I love Warnock and have used Franklin Gothic with it several times. I feel it is a clean look with nice contrasts, and since both fonts have many weights, it is very flexible.


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If you use Warnock as the body and are looking for a header, here are some working options:

Trade Gothic
News Gothic
Franklin Gothic
Akzidenz Grotesk

I wrote an app for the iPhone to help speed up the generation of font combination ideas so you can see the typefaces in context:

There is a book coming out too, with hundreds of working examples:

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Hi Douglas,

I see you have posted your message on a number of threads related to the pairing of typefaces now.
All of these threads are years old, hence your comment probably won’t help the original posters. Bumping such old threads with the same old self-promotion can be perceived as spamming. My advice for you: start a new thread where you can explain your app and have it discussed by others, and then give it a rest.


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Thanks, Florian. It needed to be said.

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Wow. I had no idea the threads would be bumped like that. I thought the original posters would get a message, but that's it. Sorry! Intentionally bumping is always bad manners. Thanks for the heads up - won't happen again!

I guess it's a credit to that the forum sub-pages look like blog entries and not like a forum at all - not even remotely. Since I came in through google directly to these pages, I never saw the forum listing.

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