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This is the roman version of a font I've been working on for a while, the swash end and start are a bit of fluff, I would like to hear any advice/comment. (If you want to illustrate your comment please feel free.)

Chute.pdf (502.4 k)

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hi tim . just saw your work. ...the usual suggestions...
lc "s" needs a bit more work, weights are a bit uneven, lc "k" stems are a bit out of character from rest try centering them a bit more, Swooshes are a nice little addition but "tips should be similar either oval horizontals or verticals. not just the flip. lc "e" seems thin in center, lc "a' has a tiny bit too much overhang, b and d would perhaps look more symetrical withrest of forms if
the bowels came in with a bit of curves vs. straight. uc M seems thin in center v-shape... keep going...

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I like the full swashy version, it's interesting. Your lowercase letter spacing is too tight. Otherwise I agree with Ole and his proposed changes.

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