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I would really appreciate your opinions/critiques on this typeface I'm developing.
I still don't know if I'm going to continue with this.. just wondering if it's worth it.


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Dino, this is A LOT of fun. I love it large and I love it small. For some reason it reminds me of Dwiggin's hand work. The way he used his Marionette Formula to remove curves that would be created by the eye at small sizes anyway.

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I could work! Total m-formula flashback. It's helpful to use the rough/angled approach to set languages with many diacritics like e.g. Czech. Look here: http://diacritics.typo.cz/image.php?id=47 and here http://www.stormtype.com/typefaces-fonts-shop/families-39-preissig and here http://www.emigre.com/EF.php?fid=130

I would carry on. Maybe avoiding to formalise it too much, as it would get closer to Electra, but keeping the extreme angles and such.

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I have sketches in some of my old sketchbooks that I found quite interesting, but I never knew exactly what to do with them. Till now I suppose ;^)

Dwiggins is a major reference and I tried to use some of his studies like The "M formula" that seemed quite appropriate for this typeface, but I don't want to go too close to Dwiggins work.

I don't intent to make it too stylish. The main idea was a typeface that could have different reading levels in different sizes. In small sizes it should be "readable" and in large sizes it should be "visible".

I was thinking in three weights with italics, along with swashes and ornaments.


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Don't shy away from being influenced by Dwiggins. He's one of the good ones. ;^)

I think it is a great idea and while not wanting it to be "stylish" is a fair concern, you can't control how some of us crazy designers will not follow your hopes. Something with this much faceting would have me wanting to show it off. It is like Josh Darden's Freight Micro. It was meant for small point sizes but W magazine liked it so much they commissioned a version for display purposes.

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This is really, really nice. It works very well large, where the angles and 'roughness', so to speak, give it a real display feel.
Small, it also works, where the same angles aren't too apparent, and it's very legible. I especially like the bdpq, g and k.

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