technical drawing font?

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does anybody recognise this font?

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Chances are it's hand lettered using a template, most technical drawings are hand lettered / template lettered.

I'd suggest Simpliciter Sans

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DIN16 should do as well.

Edit: FF DIN comes close actually...

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Good call, Asvetic. Another rounded, template-based option would be Gravur Condensed from Lineto.

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or Bryant

...modeled around the popular Wrico lettering kits used by draftsmen and amateur sign makers in the 1960s and ’70s...

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Or DIN 17. I do not know 16, Vincent. Can you show?

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Chevin - like a more characterful, rounded Din.

Nick Cooke

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Stephen, I couldn't find a link on FontShop nor MyFonts. I did find it under FontFactory. There is also an old thread on Typophile. Can't seem to find a purchase link I'm afraid...

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Ahh, funny that I recommended 16 in that thread. 2003 -- so long ago.

Mecanorma is sadly in trademark limbo. Cannot purchase ahora.

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Think I got it from a friend back in 2000–2001. Wanted to get my hands on any fonts that were clean & geometric after having used several letter rulers in Secondary school. Just loved setting them on paper with a traditional pen!

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