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space in typographic design

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space in typographic design

hi all,

i'm a book designer who is at present undertaking an ma in graphic design. for my final project, duration of 1 academic year, i shall attempt to expose the significance of the space in typographic design, starting from exploring form & counterform, then moving on to figure & ground, foreground & background and finally object & environment.

seeing as there are many of you who are absolutely fanatical about type and design i would greatly appreciate if you could put your views across about the importance of space when using type. Also if you have done any experimental work on this subject I would be very interested in seeing it. or if you have any other information (exhibitions, articles, books etc) that you might think it would be useful.

at present I have done an extensive amount research and have read many books. if anyone is keen on this subject i'll be happy to give you reading references an other materials i've come across.

i look forward to hearing from you all.

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In case it matters: http://typophile.com/node/32534