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This an experimental font I've been working on. All the main characters are done, upper and lowercase plus numerals. The rest is to come.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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cool. im curious..how did this come about?


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Much the same as most of my fonts begin pencil or marker and doodling letters on a page. I drew the A, liked it, then the rest followed suit.

I still need to do the punctuation and accented charaters (if at all). The kerning/spacing still has work to be done.

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I've posted some text to show how it looks. Obviously it doesn't read to well without punctuation.

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looks sweet man, lovin' it. some of the curls are a bit strangely proportioned and could use a fine tune, but other than that fantastic!

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Cheers, it's slowly coming together…but I have several more I'm working on, so It'll be a bit of time before I get around to finsihing this one…I'll keep you posted.

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Thanks for all the input you've given. The font is currently in the final stages of being tested and will be ready for sale soon…

Again thanks to all those who contributed.


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