My degree font

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Hi, Im working on my degree work (it's wanna be a sans serif typface) and I'd like to ask your opinion about this sketch. This is my first font, and to tell the truth I really don't know how should I start. Of course I know some basic rule, but I still have not apply them in practise. Thank you alltype sketch

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I like it.

One thing to keep in mind: an f without a crossbar is an old-fashioned s, which may still be relevant in some languages.

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Yes You're right. and I'll complete somehow but still I've been working on the minimal "version".
I'd like to keep the simplicity as long as I can, and I don't want to break the body of each letters.

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opp..sorry for double comment

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I am keen to see where you take this. The tension between connecting & not is fun & could be elegant.

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Yeah "Be elegant" is one of my main aspect, I try to be true to my principles. Tx

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I really like it...especially love the "e". Eager to see the whole charset

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You'll soon, im going to update as soon as i can......

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apologies aren't necessary Szab

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