(x) "Hotel and Apart" serif face - Baker Danmark 5 {Mark S}

any takers? thanks in advance


Okay, this is going to sound kind of weird... It's Baker Danmark 5 with an upside down cap E.

Why would it have an upside down E? One possible explanation: Back in the film font days, piracy was a big problem (some things never change). One of the tricks the producers of film fonts did was to flip or rotate one of the letters in the film font print they sent out to a customer they suspected of pirating their fonts. If the font with the flipped letter showed up elsewhere, they had their proof. Typical letters that were flipped or rotated were N, E, and U. I have seen many knock-off fonts in old film font catalogs with "wrong" characters like this.

The other possibility is that the E was flipped purposely by the designer, but I doubt it.

I don't know of any digital version of the Baker Danmark series, so I'm guessing this is from something printed at least a decade or two ago.

Wow. Now that was an impressive ID! Amazing, Mark.

I don't know. There was just something Baker-ish looking about it. The E threw me off at first. Thought it might be some kind of Weiss thing. But then I looked up Baker Danmark and everything else fit exactly.

that really was something -- and a bit of type trivia i hadn't heard before... it seems odd that that type designers would lay a trap of that sort; but they didn't have cable tv or internet back then, so people were probably looking for ways to wile away the time.

Supposedly, map publishers like Rand McNally did (maybe still do) a similar thing. They would make little "mistakes" here and there on their maps. Maybe a small creek would zig instead of zag. If the same mistake showed up on another publisher's map, they would use this as evidence of copyright infringement and take them to court.

i do much the same thing in that i tie my all-stars with the left-hand overlap instead of the right. you'd be amazed at the shocked faces when i catch the ape-ers.

seriously, i had no idea that type designers (of chartographers) did that sort of thing. but i shouldn't be surprised; chicanery was goudy's middle name. or manutius. i'm checking...

however any idea where i can find this font?
even just to look at with the font tester thingy...?

I don't think there is a digital version. FYI, here is a scan from an old film font specimen book:

See here.