Please comment my new font previously called Nomada

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hello Everyone, this is my new font it's called Foral.
I have asked for your opinion in its beginnings (it was called Nomada then).
Since I consider it to be almost finished I would really like to know what you think about it.

Thank you,


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You've done a really great job ...

George Triantafyllakos -

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Hello, Rui -

I must say I like this font very much. Maybe a fellow lusophone might obtain an advance copy of it (in .ttf format)?! ;-)

Excelente trabalho! Um abraço!

Ronald Kyrmse

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This has a very nice look.

I think something may be slightly off in the rhythm of the letters. This is so nice that it is worth tracking down and correcting. I am not sure what it is, as it is subtle, but eg. check if the bd etc need to be just a hair wider? Or maybe a spacing issue?

On the terminals. Since most of the terminals have a slab serif, I am wondering whether the ends of the ce and some of the others without slabs need to be slightly fatter, especially in the light weights. (Compare the e in Frutiger and Myriad for some variations.)

Do you think there is a gain in having the top serif on the d 'backwards'? I don't see it; it think it's distracting.

For me the ascenders and descenders on the italic bend too much.

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Very nice, especially the 'y' and the italic 'w'. Other glyphs as well of course, but those caught my eye.

I agree with William Berkson, that the bend of the italic ascenders and descenders might be a bit much. But that's a matter of personal taste, I guess. But I don't see a reversed serif on the top of the 'd'? Serifs in slab faces usually go 'left' on the 'd'? Or do I misunderstand the comment? :)

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About the bend of the italic ascenders, I see what you mean, but my intention with it was to give it something of calligraphy, inspired in gothic fonts (like Duc de Berry) or calligraphy. I wanted to stylize the curved ascenders of the calligraphic fonts and combine it with the rigid forms of the monolines and slab serifs. Maybe you'r right, but for now I still like it. Hope I don't grow tired of it!:)

About the "d" serif they usually go left on slab faces, and in this one they also go left. But in the light version in this pdf it is going right, due to a mistake that escaped my eye. Sorry about that. I agree with William Berkson, its distracting when it goes right.

William Berkeson, i think the problem you see in the rhythm is due to the kerning which is not perfect. Or maybe the lack of kerning pairs that desappeared when I generated the font files (although I whanted it to work with the least kerning pairs as possible). I have to work on it.


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Oh, right. I overlooked that wrong serif, thats why I didn't understand the comment.

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