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Here is the 2 solutions our client like best from a choice of 18. At this stage
our client is having problems choosing which one is best so any input would
be greatly appreciate.
Client background: Dr.Torrington is a Los Angeles based doctor specializing
in helping cure people with drug addition. His approach is pharmaceutical
in nature. The Snake Icon has 3 main segments representing Biology, Psychology
and Sociology (elements that relate to the well being of a patient and the
path to curing addiction)

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Hi there:

The snake/caduceus has a mohawk hair-do. The type used for Torrington is too severe- harsh. I would suggest a more 'graceful' font. Also I think the type should be a titling face as that was Eidict Neo- am I correct?- is more for text work. Also the sans (Gotham?) is blacker in appearance that Torrington which I'm not sure how that will play out in print.

As for which logo right now... the bottom one. As a person unfamiliar with the Torrington name/brand I would not grasp that the caduceus is representing the letter 'i' and not just a dividing element.

What are your colors for the design? Make sure the colors convey the feelings medical/science, natural, healing. I think you know I mean. Don't do everything in medical 'blue'.

All my best to you...

Mikey :-)

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'Matthew A' seems to just be plopped on top with no real rhyme or reason.

Perhaps consider a much more horizontal layout. More of a formal letterhead from the past:

Matthew A TORRINGON md

Use the same size type, but set it all on one line.

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Shouldn’t the caduceus snake be curled round a winged staff?
Agreeing with Mikey on the type choice but, if you stay with the present style, kerning needs to be sorted, especially the Os and G. In the second version, which I prefer, the forename doesn’t have a relationship with the surname and the letterspacing is too great, I would also look at removing the stop after A.


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"Shouldn’t the caduceus snake be curled round a winged staff?"

Actually, I think it's a Rod of Asclepius, not a Caduceus, in which case it's appropriate without wings.

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Correct Jonathan. It is the Rod of Asclepius.

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Thanks for clearing that up, I hadn’t been aware of the differences, the top of the staff does make a strange shape with the snake’s head.


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The fonts used were Eidetic and Clearview. Both slightly modified.
Clearview was a custom weight (by hand) with a slightly lowered crossbar on the "H", and the serif Eidetic was modified by adding a larger shoulders on the "R"'s.
A lot of custom type design, as well as icons were created on previous versions that were
not picked by client, but these were the final two and at this stage these are the only two
I will be showing, so we can get the project finished and implemented. To give proper credit, the icon and the positioning of the type was created by my business partner Bradley Bishop.
I picked the type faces and did the final modifications and re-traced the icon.

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