(x) Nicolas Sarkozy/Segolène Royal campaign type - Kontrapunkt, Frutiger {Jongseong, Vincent Le Moign (self)}

I think it's Frutiger Black for Ségolène Royal.

But I don't know what is this techy font used for Sarkozy meeting.
Can you help me ?

Thanks :-)


Both URLs point to other pictures; there is not one typeface, not even one letter to be seen in those images. Could you please check the URLs?

Yves, what are you still doing here? go and try some of that Moroccan Cold Turkey.

Nick Cooke

Oh, we just did a brilliant walk to the old city and ate on a terrace overlooking Jemaa El Fna, but Sabine suddenly didn't feel very well so we're back at the hotel and she's taking a nap. Going out again in an hour or two. ;^)

Sorry for the mistake, I've updated the first post with pictures.

The Sarkozy one looks like a de-serifed version of Kontrapunkt bold to me.

Right, thanks.

I need more photos to check it.