Favorite Serif to go with Gotham?

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Sorry if this is a redundant question on this forum.

I'm looking for a nice serif pairing for Gotham - this would be for some info cards I'm laying out...

also, how do people feel about using Gotham for body copy - is it more of a display face, or better used for headlines?


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To answer the question of whether it’s suitable for body copy, have a read of what the folks at H&FJ have to say here.

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Gotham is a very open typeface. Large, open counters and as well as large x-height in relation to the ascender and descender render it usable at text sizes. That said, however, too much of it at a too small point size, especially on a coated bright white paper, could send the reader into fits. It sparkles.

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I hadn't really thought of using a slab serif.. I'm going to try these out. Thanks everyone.

If Gotham bold were the headline, what would make nice body copy?

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Actually, I'm going w/ the EgyptienF - looks beautiful. Thanks all.

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