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looked nice on paper, but it sucks as a font. i tried making it thicker but certain parts ran into each other and it looked crappy. help needed, wanted, appriciated.



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I like this first glance, I thought that it had
graf stylings, but looking at it a little longer, I'm
seeing a Whimsy-like face with some character.

It looks like your original intention (and the source
of your frustration) was to have nice, smooth curves.
But to me it looks like the letters are a little
choppy/chunky...and that's a good thing. It has
a very hand drawn look.

From what I see here, my suggestion would be to
even out the size & weight of the characters.
The "e" seems a little small in relation to the other
characters. But on the other hand, I think that
variation adds to the hand drawn feeling. The stem
of the "m" also looks a little heavy in relation to the
rest of the lines...

I say keep it up and post more examples!

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thanks first off. second yeah it was a hand drawn font. I scanned it traced it and did a lil "outline stroke" in illustrator and tada. here's the rest of the alphabet


thanks again i'll be trying out making the letters more the same size (and correct that "m" stem).

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About the typeface: Guhfaw

This playful typeface can be used for two-color work for special effects.

How would a set of capitals work?

Do you know when it will be available at

Yours truly,

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Sorry Mr.Donona I don't happen to sell my fonts, thanks for the comments though.
Capitals are still in my sketchbook waiting to be turned into vectors.

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