Serif to go with Univers?

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I'm designing an identity system and am using Univers for my main type, and I want a serif that combines well with it for secondary information. Preferably with a similar x-height.

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What is the nature of the organization? Who is its audience?

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It is for a scientific company that produces cell replicating machines. The audience is medical companies, scientists and researches who are interested in replicating cells.

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Here are a few modern serifs that share Univers' x-height:
Corporate A
Egyptienne F
Freight Text

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Has anyone ever attempted a 'univers serif'? Blasphemy? ;o)

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Egyptienne F is almost Univers slab.

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If memory serves, according to Bringhurst, Photina was designed to have similar proportions to Univers. I've never tried it myself, though.

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I bet that Fedra Serif would go well with Univers on a conceptual level, simply because they’re both very carefully constructed, new-yet-classic designs. But I don’t have Fedra serif so I can’t check.

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Fedra Serif has a mega large x-height.

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate your help

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As far as I know, Serifa is a Univers are of the same author and they seem pretty the same font, except in the question of the serifs.

Seems they are the baed on the same concept, but they have each one its own finishing.

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