Adobe Garamond and Classical fonts

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Adobe Garamond and Classical fonts

It is hard to choose a font at times, esp. when you donot really know what you can do, and not do when it comes to designing a page. Some contributors to this website have told visitors that Garamond is an ugly boring font. But it is not. It is one of the most legible fonts I know. It is well designed, and that goes for the ICT, Monotype and other garamonds. There is the profont version available and the Premier, which has been redesigned with 18th century types in the back of the fontdesigner's mind.

The best version is however still the adobe Garamond, with small capitals, ligatures, italic old style, bold and semibold. To get a great result you have to switch off automatic leading and go for 2 or 3 points leading, so 10 on 12, or 11 on 13, and depending on the measure (smaller esp) 11 on 14, or 10 on 13.
Now wordspace and justification is important. Go for a basic paragraph style, a tight and a loose one ( between 80 and 120 ), and watch for the hyphenation panel ( 6-letter words, 3, 3 and 2 hyphens) and choose ligatures when going over the panel characterstyles.
Jenson Pro, Centaur and Galliard work as well, and that goes for Goudy old Style. Sans Serifs, I would never use that for lots of texts. That is hard on the reader.
Study Morrison, Kapf, Simon and other D.W.Dwiggins.