Intercut experimental wood type system

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Before graduating from MassArt last May, I spent a semester (and then some) working on an experimental wood typeface design / production project. The project was recently selected to be featured in a Contemporary Letterpress exhibition, so I figured it would be a good time to put all my process together for others to see.
You can read more than you probably ever would want to at

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Saw these on Flickr last night, Nick. I am very impressed with both the product and your presentation of it. When will you start selling prints?

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That is first class.

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I'm a great lover of woodtype. This is quite impressive.
Very nice work!

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Thanks for sharing this Nick - as a fellow MA typophile I applaud your work - very cool.

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I am also interested in prints!

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While I'm not a great lover of wood type... but this really is quite impressive! :-)


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I am proud to say that I live in JP with you! :D

EDIT: I just realized that I have one of your letterpress posters from the show last summer.

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Super Dope!


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I have found your site before. It was intriguing to me that there are someone who actually like letters carved in wood; is interested on them beyond their forms, not digital, where they are more then a idea. They ARE, not only as letter forms : They are tangible. Exist, and occupy their own physical space.


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Hi Nick,
I love this project of yours. I really hope it gets put to use, I can see it used for upmarket posters/signage in a store like FRESH & WILD, a campanion to the chalk board lettering.
best of luck with it.

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I know it's an old thread ... but WOW!

Awesome stuff!

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design

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It inspired me to do some designs using the negative shapes of type.
I love it.

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