(x) "Type" 70s logo fat face - similar to Tom's Roman {Mike Y}

Searching for this font, anybody have any ideas?

Its from an early 70's logotype, so pretty sure its been amended, especially the lower case 'p'. However placing a name to the original font would be good.

Thanks in advance.


Try this smaller image to view.

It looks to me like it might have been inspired (influenced) by ITC Tom's Roman, but if this is from the 70's then it was quite possibly hand-drawn. You could do a lot with film types to distort them, but not to re-draw their shapes. The reason I picked that typeface is that the 'y' and 'p' above the baseline are fairly similar,although the strokes in the logotype are heavier on the right side. Also it was designed in 1970, so it was around then.

- Mike Yanega

I definitely see your thinking about ITC Tom's Roman, it could well have been the starting point for the logo - Thanks, I'll give it a go.