"you smell good" loopy script on Hallmark e-card

Hello, could you please help me with this script (that's from a Hallmark ecard).


If it's Hallmark it's probably proprietary (in house made).

I see, yes, good solution indeed——anything close to it & the large 'd,l' loop ?

Bert's right. Sometimes they make some of their fonts available in card-making kits, but I don't think they use their new fonts for those kits. My Script Font ID Guide shows samples of most of the available Hallmark fonts. Most are included in Parts 7, 8 and 9 of the Guide, in the later pages of those sections (most samples are courtesy of typophiles Mike F. and Paul Hunt).

- Mike Yanega

Stuart Sandler's Secret Recipe, from his Font Diner site is a pretty similar style. You could also look through the fonts done by Rob Leuschke who used to design fonts for Hallmark.

- Mike Yanega

Thank you, Mike.