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Hi everyone.

I am a new student to font creation. Attached is my 1st attempt. Please give me some constructive, yet positive feed back. Kerning and tracking are non-existant to date.



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I would look for some consistency in your letterforms. Are you hoping to create something with an unfinished look?

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I would pay particular attention to the angle of the letterforms' axes, the capital S, for example, really sticks out. The letterforms are based on calligraphy, so any intentional inconsistencies should take into account the method by which the letters would be created calligraphically.

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I'd suggest that you either work on your calligraphy for a few weeks (at least), or try digitizing something other than your current calligraphy. At the moment you're struggling with the calligraphy and that is doubtless making the font-making part all that much harder. You don't want to try to learn both at the same time, believe me....

On the calligraphy side, you're doing an italic style that is normally done with a 30 degree pen angle, but you have a much steeper pen angle that's more like 60 or 70 degrees, which is not working very well for you.



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Thanks. No, I am not hoping to create something with an unfinished look. Decided to try a hand written instead of computer generated letterform. This is for a class learning how to generate your own fonts.

Thanks again.

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Thank you. I will keep this in mind for my next edit session in class.

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Thanks. I'll keep the angles in mind.

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