Italican Oblique

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This one I have been working on for a few weeks.

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Hi Graham,
this looks promising. Maybe you should us more details (bigger picture).

Do you intent to make a roman as well, or is it an Italic design, standing on its own?

I am not sure about the 'O' and 'Q'. It feels like the top part shouldnt be open.


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A larger one here.

I like the O and Q, and intend to keep them. The font will only be this italic style. I have noticed the Z needs some attention.
This is a semi freestyle font, so I do not want uniformity within the font.


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This is beautiful! the only thing I see is the L has a funny thing on the end and the f tail is kind of wispy and might look better if it was stronger.

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Thanx for the remarks, Jess. The f is a bit dodgy at end and the L was an idea that obviously sticks out rather tha fits in.
Will have a fiddle and fix them up.

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