"Assortment" heavy face w/ tiny serifs


Don't see a sample....

how about now? It looks like copperplate but it is much thicker.

How about now?

Well it's definitely NOT the Bitstream or Linotype versions.

You can get Copperplate in many different weights... I thought it might have been scaled vertically and horisontally, but this still doesn't expalain the middle foot serif in M and the length of middle line in E, which differ from Copperplate. Of course it is possible that those were "tuned" individually.

Didn't IKEA use to have serifs? I wonder if this isn't based upon that somehow.

I don't think so, Tiff -- the only serifed version of IKEA I remember didn't remind me of Copperplate. My guess is that Tiina's assumption is right: probably CG 30, and then tweaked.

That middle foot serif in M is rare enough, although I can't tell from the spec sheet of Baltra also has one, but Dennis is pretty upfront in saying that it's an homage to CG 30....