Cassidy 1999

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Hi Guys

Iam just going through some old disks to prepare for a talk Iam giving to some students. I came across this face I started back in 1999.

Do you think it's worth trying to do something with, or is it a lost cause?

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Jim, this one is definitely not a lost cause, imo.
However, you might investigate similar faces
before proceeding. The 'technoish' rounded square shape
has been used quite a bit and is a fairly accessible
jumping off point to start a typeface.

I'd check Identikal, WWFT, and Cape Arcona to start with.
Maybe also check with some of your Union Font
designers ... some of them may have already gone
down this road.

Some initial comments:

f - perhaps extend the upper arch
j - perhaps extend the lower arch
k - the upper arm needs some work, imo
m - this should not be two 'n's in width
or it'll seem too wide.
w - see above

best of luck.


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