Bankinter advertising / Málaga subway system signage

Both were recently seen in Málaga, Spain

1) (the one used for the number 10 and for the slogan)
2) (the one in the red background)




First one looks like a Serif of FF Max.

Second one looks very much like the custom font made for Vodafone by Dalton Maag.

First one:

Maybe a customized version.

The second one has some Spiekkerman feeling.

But, the Info seems to be too much rounded.

The Bankinter logo is definitely at least inspired by FF Max. Perhaps it is something custom by Morten Olsen. I love the slab!

The second is close to FF Info Display, but I'm still not sure, it seems less rounded.

Isn’t that what I said two posts up?

The second one might be Vialog Bold

Yes, I think it is.