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Joined: 12 Apr 2007 - 8:36pm
Help with Designing Firm logo

Hey folks, found the site not to long ago, but maybe a year.
But just now decided to post here, sorry if late been horribly busy.
Am hoping that I can some of you here to help me out with this one logo I have.
The logo is for a design firm called "Votekick Web Developments, LLC", I have been using this logo for some time now and have never went to any levels to improve it. More or less at the time decided it would work and have stuck with it ever since. But am ready to rework the idea and make it stick this time.
Was wandering if you all could help me see what I am missing with this image. I have been told that the image almost looks like mountains, stream and moon.
I see this too but have had not been able to work with own personal logo.
Anyone that can help with this would be awesome.
The "V" in this image is what is being said to look like mountains while the swoosh looking image below it is the said water with the dot above being the moon. But this isn't what it was intended to look like.

I was at the time going for a web 2.0 look and feel while emphasizing a professional presentation.
I have been doing this type of work for many years now and am very successful at conveying what the clients want through imagery, but this one since is my own has me stuck.
Can ya help me out? Thanks in advance. ;-)

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Joined: 26 May 2006 - 7:52pm

To me it looks more like a baby with wide spread arms wanting/waiting to be picked up, but maybe that's just me. What is it supposed to look like anyway? I don't see anything web- or design related in it.
First thing that bothers me about it is the diagonal rectangle/diamond shape. It just seems a little outdated. Instead I'd start off with a new leaf & try working with a more fluent image if you now what I mean. Maybe just a letterlogo will suffy?

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Joined: 26 Jan 2007 - 11:58am

I think the colors and 3D-look say Web2.0, but it looks outdated to me.

One small thing that bothered me right away: the drop shadow should not be on the lower-left side of the square based on the direction of the other shadows.

I wouldn't say you have to start over completely - you should keep the square shape and the colors because you have used them for so many years. Why not change the mountain/wave/moon shape to just a simple V?

And I would change the gradient: either lose it all together, or make it look more 3D/reflective (read: cliche web2.0). Right now, it looks like a plain gradient and I think my eye wants to see it in 3D but can't.

I will try playing around in Photoshop if I have some downtime at work today and post what I'm picturing.


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Joined: 23 Mar 2007 - 3:46pm

Without wanting to pass comment on the concept of the logo as such, can I suggest you design initially in 2d mono, get your proportions/juxtapostions to work and then '3d' it.