A fresh new brush - prototype font.

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Over the last little while I've been developing a new knid of brush that has some very groovy dynamic qualities...

...only problem is that I have yet to gain command of my new discovery, lol!

The brush has the ability to lay down a 3d-ish stroke that has some pretty amazing tonal and textural qualities. I barely have any idea on how much ink to load for a constant stroke. As you can see I have a long way to go, yeah.

Hope you don't mind me posting this most crude prototype. I'll post my developements as I get a grip of this thing.


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I like it. You have a very good command of the brush.

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Nice. Reminds me of this guy:


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Hey thanks for the comments!

Bowl letter shapes, if that's the correct use of the term, I may have to let the brush interpret, yeah.

hrant, nice link thanks - great to see a new artist, new to me anyways. D’anastasio's (I did a little diggn'), work has an edge.


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Thanks your comments for my works....
Thanks Hrant for my link and hiroshige contact to me for help...

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